Why Website Never Works Out the Way We Plan?

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Why Website Never Works Out the Way We Plan?

A completely, user-friendly website has the power to increase your visitors, sales. A Responsive & user-friendly website is a better way of demonstration of your online business. Online business gives a corporate image of your company on the internet in such a way that it leaves very potential clients on your website. But, if Why Website Never Works Out the Way We Plan. It is the complete fault of your designing of your website. If you want your website to work properly and increase your visitors daily on your site to follow some instructions that are given below.

Develop an SEO friendly website: –

It’s not enough designed a beautiful & functional website that addresses your client’s needs. If you want to increase more visitors to your website, then SEO is a necessity. Search Engine Optimization is a way of improving the visuality of a website in search engines. For an SEO-Friendly website, you also take some steps that are point out given below.

Keywords: –

Keywords are very important in the process of search engine optimization. Specific keywords help the point out on the search engine regarding of your business services, which that your clients find on the browser. But it’s most important when starting an online business website to first establish what the objectives of your business. And which area you want to target for your online business in a local area, national or global? According to this find unique keywords that target these areas according to your business.


a.) Find fresh keywords related to your’s services.
b.) Find a unique keyword in keyword research tools (Word Tracker, Keyword Discovery, Google Keyword Tool, Google AdWords Keyword Tool etc.)
c.) Create a list of specific keywords.
d.) Put the keywords in your web page ( in 500 words paragraph put only 2 to 3 keywords )

Placement of keywords on the web page: –

For a website to successfully concatenate into the browser, firstly you must describe us of the particular page. For this get the keywords on the right place of your web page.
a.) Title tag
b.) Meta description and keywords
c.) Navigation bars
d.) H1, H2 and H3 tags
e.) Alt text
f.) Bullet points
g.) Title attribute on links
h.) The main website copy
i.) Internal links
j.) URL’s
k.) Footer links

User-Friendly URLs: –

URL needs to be SEO friendly, it’s also a good way of including keywords in the URL as this increases Search Engine visibility. And make your URLs simple not complicated, for example – a URL, such as http://www.mygym.com/shop/item2?=569, is not an SEO friendly URL. It does not help the search engines to determine what that page is about. Instead, it should be something like http://www.mygym.com/shop/Wall-Ball. Also, try to limit the categories in the link. Otherwise, your website would not rank properly.
Website images: – Images also needs to be SEO friendly, it’s a good way of including keywords in the images ‘Title’ and ‘Atl’ tags. For example ”image. It is also helpful for increasing Search Engine Visibility. And images are

Social Media: –

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