How to start blogging with basic computer knowledge.

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How to start blogging with basic computer knowledge.

Hello friends, today we are going to talking about Blogging. Do you know about blogging? Blogging is an online informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with the latest post appearing first. It is a platform where a writer, a group of a writer even a normal person share their views on an individual subject. Now let’s move on writing a blog to the best place to start a blog, for writing versatile blogging we need to buy a domain from Hostgator, Godaddy etc. but if you don’t want to spend money so you have another choice which is Google’s Blogspot. This is the best website to start a blog. It’s totally free!

One of the best things about Blogspot it is free and you need not spend money on the domain because Blogspot provides you free domain “yourdomain/” when your budget began to increase you can change your domain name whatever you want. As soon as you work hard your audience will begin to increase then you can link your Blogger account to Google Adsense account to generate income. You don’t have to be panic about skill and you need only basic computer knowledge it’s quite simple.

When you have decided to blog keep in mind, you don’t have to copy other’s content because if you did it you can get copyright strike. Therefore you have to design a logo, a picture and write the content yourself.
After completing a blog do some promotion work, like sharing own blog on social media. Do some paid marketing and SEO work on your blog for more traffic and it can help increase your regular visitors. Those peoples have no knowledge about SEO they read our previous blog: What is the SEO? & What the benefit of SEO?
Now, let’s start:


Step 1: Go to the Google browser and search Blogspot,


Step 2: Click on the, now on your laptop screen show something like this,

Click on “Create Your Blog”, log in with your Gmail account, it’s a google website so its required google account.


Step 3: Now you can see –

1. Enter your Blog Title.
2. Make your URL:
3. And select your theme.
4. And click on Create Blog.

Step 4: now look the left sidebar where you can see many options like:

Posts, Stats, Comment, Earning, Pages, Layout etc..
1st click on the “new post”.

• Enter Post title or topic.
• Write your content in below section. (content length minimum of 300 words.)


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